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If you’re looking to lease or purchase another car, you will likely need money for a down payment. One of the best ways to offset the initial costs of leasing or purchasing a new vehicle is selling your old car or truck. It’s important, however, to do your research prior to accepting any offers. Selling your vehicle online can lead to weeks of delays dozens or low-ball offers and delays in you getting the money you need to buy a new car or for other expenses. When you’re getting ready to sell your car in NJ or NYC, look no further than Cars for Lease Deals. Call us today at 646-578-8915.

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At Cars for Lease Deals, we understand that vehicle sellers may be reluctant to sell their car or truck to a dealer. It’s not uncommon for many dealers to make extremely low offers in an effort to maximize their profits and maintain their bottom line. Cars for Lease Deals offers a fair, honest and equitable appraisal process when assessing the value of your vehicle and making you an offer. We offer quick payments once the offer is accepted and may even be able to buy your current lease if you still owe payments. Find out how to get out from under your lease or financing agreement today.

The Process

The process of selling your car starts with calling our friendly knowledgeable sales professionals or by contacting us online. We will conduct a quick, honest and thorough appraisal of your vehicle, taking into account various factors like age, condition, mileage and more. We will then make the highest offer possible based on our appraisal. When you’re getting ready to sell your car in New York City or New Jersey, call Cars for Lease Deals today at 646-578-8915. We can also help you trade your car in for a newer and lower-mileage model if you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle. Learn more today.

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